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Preventative maintenance plans, quality customer service, timely repairs, expert knowledge, and competitive pricing make us a smart choice whether you’re in the market to buy, rent, or lease – or an entire fleet of them!

Why choose us

We have more than 30 years experience Sal’s. Used and New.  Just look in any manufacturing facility or down any alley and it is easy to see that businesses rely on forklift. There are plenty of ways to get used forklifts for sale but you will often end up let down when you don’t have a full grasp of what lift will best suit you.


Here you will see more things related to building materials and forklift for sale. We aim to become the number one source for material handling skill specifically with regards to efficiency and safety. Our equiment is properly checked by our expert technicians in order to sustain its capability in performing various tasks at a very reasonable price.


We offer a mixture of astounding accessories for your truck relying upon your specific application. We guarantee you that the monstrous decisions of accessories accessible from us are deliberately coordinated so as to help. Our embellishments take into record go down cautions on diverse levels of sound, strobe and glimmering lights in an assorted qualities of colors, distinctive sizes, and states of mirrors. To make your truck even more effective and versatile, you can also choose from our massive selections of accessories and attachments such as  can covers,lockout to secure against thefts and accidents, fork extensions, and forged steel forks as well as fork blade protectors, hoisting hooks, order picking carts, and boom cranes. Aside from this, we are also offering forklift drum handling, coil lifters, rag ramp, and many others.

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